About us

Our Mission

Canfield Middle School Lacrosse Club’s (CMSLC) primary purpose is to teach and promote the game of lacrosse in a fun, safe and sportsmanlike environment. As a middle school and youth league, CMSLC is dedicated to the skill development of lacrosse players and teaches a game of speed, position and finesse rather than physical intimidation or promoting a team’s winning record.

Along with learning lacrosse, CMSLC strives to instill the values of sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, fair play and a love of the sport of lacrosse for teammates, coaches and officials; in essence we “Honor the Game”.

CMSLC believes that sportsmanship is a way of life and will conduct all activities in a manner that will set an example of good sportsmanship and friendly competition for our young players.

CMSLC is an open organization to all middle school and youth athletes in grades 3rd through 8th from the Mahoning Valley.